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Passenger Data & Border control

In the period 2007-2013 there were over 28,000 reported cases of unruly passenger incidents on board aircraft in flight. These incidents include violence against crew and other passengers, harassment and failure to follow safety instructions.
Unruly passengers are a very small minority. But unacceptable behavior on board an aircraft can have serious consequences for the safety of all on board. They inconvenience other passengers and lead to significant operational disruption and cost for airlines. But due to loopholes in existing laws, there are many cases where those who commit serious offenses are not punished. In order to provide a safe environment, SARDA is planning to build up a passenger database, in order to check those potential unruly passengers to ensure the safety of flight.


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  • SARDA, the Society for Aviation Research and Development in Asia (previously known as Aircrew Network and incorporated in Singapore), was founded in 1999 . It started off as a small group of Singapore aviation professionals. The society has evolved and expanded its scope and visibility, increasing its effort in growing conferences, events and developing relationships with other prominent industrial groups to actively research and develop in order to meet the growing challenges of the fast developing general and business aviation sector.

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