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Our aim

To break the closed network limit, long term strategic cooperation with all Asian aviation industry;

And through the market survey and detailed, establish aviation information database;

In the Asian Aerospace Quality Audit, establish the appraisal system,carries on the appraisal to the front of all product and service qualitystandards, including machine operation and airport management;

· with government agencies, relevant industry and trade organizations to establish friendly relations, collecting related feasibility opinion;

· promoting Asian aviation industry service quality, certainly in the related fields of the ability to guide, promote its visibility and reputation;

· assist the industry to upgrade the technology, engineering and management skills, strengthen its important influence in the internationalmarket.


Additional information

  • SARDA, the Society for Aviation Research and Development in Asia (previously known as Aircrew Network and incorporated in Singapore), was founded in 1999 . It started off as a small group of Singapore aviation professionals. The society has evolved and expanded its scope and visibility, increasing its effort in growing conferences, events and developing relationships with other prominent industrial groups to actively research and develop in order to meet the growing challenges of the fast developing general and business aviation sector.

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