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Congratulations on Jiaozuo University ACN International Empl

Yesterday morning, Jiaozuo University and ACN International Cooperation in running schools opening ceremony was held in Jiaozuo University. Jiaozuo University and ACN International Cooperation in running schools, is training mode innovation, develop professional field, the important measures to broaden the employment channels, to fill the gap of Jiaozuo International cabin crew professional in colleges and universities, and to the transformation of culture development, talents, is of great significance in Zhengzhou airport economic comprehensive experimental area.

Former vice premier Wu Guixian, vice secretary of municipal party committee Zhang Wenshen, vice President of China adult education association, China adult education association working committee director Sun Yonglong . Adult education training institution, China adult education association of adult education and training institutions working committee ACN International employment training project Li Jianhua for Jiaozuo University ACN, deputy director of the office of international employment training institute. SARDA honorary chairman, Errol Pang, executive vice President, ACN International education investment group chairman Jeff, ACN International education General Manager Zhou Zheng unveil the nameplate for ACN International cabin crew training base. Jiaozuo university party secretary Guo Weijie, Jiaozuo University President Lin Xiaoting attended the ceremony.

Zhang Wenshen in his speech, Jiaozuo in the cities and the development of higher education and Jiaozuo municipal party committee and municipal government are introduced. He said will create the best environment, provide optimal service, fully support the development of the training base, let students to the international high-end management service jobs as soon as possible, early youth volant hover blue sky, flying dream.

ACN International is an international comprehensive education investment institutions, professional aviation human resources service providers, the global aviation industry leader of hr solutions. Jiaozuo University as the first batch of China adult education association established one of ACN International employment training school, will undertake to expand international students employment channels, develop with participation in international human resource competition ability of high quality, high technical talents.

SARDA executive vice President, ACN International Education Investment Group Chairman of the board professor Liu Weifeng in Jiaozuo University ACN International Employment Training Institute, ACN International Cabin Crew Training Base Opening Ceremony of the Speech

Respect for elders Wu Guixian

 Respect for Vice Governor Xu Jichao

Respect for president of a council Sun Yonglong

Respect for  secretary Yang Likun, mayor Zhang Wenshen and Jiaozuo municipal party committee, municipal government leaders.

Respect for SARDA honorary chairman Mr Fneg Jinding

Dear leaders, guests, teachers, the classmate of everyone.

Ladies and gentlemen, good morning!

Thanks to China's ministry of education, adult education association of China adult education training institutions working committee set up the platform of cooperation between higher vocational colleges to make xiang lian international education investment group to establish cooperation relationship with jiaozuo university through this platform, the xiang lian international and will have profound significance for jiaozuo university, we are looking forward to the further cooperation!

Thanks for the government of Henan province, Jiaozuo municipal government attaches great importance on this cooperation project!

Thanks to our partners in Jiaozuo university, for they made great efforts in this project be born!

This project since entering China, we have been moved, whether from the ministry of education officials and local government officials and managers of colleges and universities in China are left a deep impression on us. Their efficient and pragmatic, serious and responsible work style, rigorous scientific attitude, pursuing quick decision-making and execution to confirm our close cooperation with the Chinese government, Chinese universities to establish the trust.

ACN International Education Investment Group is a Singapore wholly owned enterprise, founded in 1999 in Singapore. For a better development market, provide more convenient service for the partner, group headquarters in 2011 with the approval of the Macau government officially settled in Macao.

ACN International is a professional aviation human resources service providers, business covers international aviation human resources outsourcing services, business and business jets, and a private jet outsourcing services, aviation enterprise human resources solutions to provide services, international labor service dispatch recruitment outsourcing service, aviation enterprise personnel professional ability training, etc. ACN International relies on its in the international aviation outstanding achievements in the field of human resources outsourcing services, as well as professional services, continuous learning ability, be a leader in the global aviation industry human resources solutions. ACN International in recent years, in order to adapt to the new situation of global economic development, integration of resources, with its brand effect in the field of international aviation human resources services, and the core competence in the field of aviation training, more widely participate in international competition. At present, the business scope expanded to cultural exchange and communication, book publishing and distribution, international flight attendant training, career development, vocational qualification, school management, etc., and through the cross-border m&a, combination, the methods of resource sharing, comprehensive education become a multinational investment institutions. And for the first time in 2004 to expand our business to mainland China, actively expand the Chinese market.

At the beginning of ACN Union with its unique international field of vision into China, the young talents in China to provide broad international employment channels, construction of internationalization of professional personnel training platform, promote China's college graduates employment ability, and participate in international competition ability as the guiding ideology for the development of the company. ACN International through cooperating fully with the Chinese government, Chinese colleges and universities, support China's rapid development of the human resource market.

At present, ACN International through China Adult Education Association Working Committee for the adult education training institutions, in university-enterprise cooperation way to establish close cooperation relations with mainland China universities. By partner schools with advanced design, advanced teaching methods and the standardization of vocational training textbooks, with international standards to help partner schools effectively promote the internationalization of Chinese college students employment ability, broadening the channels of China's college graduates employment, improve the college graduates employment levels in China. In recent years, ACN International actively expand business entrusted by places such as Singapore, Macao hotel industry to carry out the unitary training, for its hotel management to deliver outstanding talent, and a large number of unique training mode in human resources companies.

We would like to with great enthusiasm and sincere attitude for partners to provide standardized teaching management mode, close to the practical curriculum system, outstanding team of experts, and effective for partners, uninterrupted service support and training, win-win cooperation with mainland China colleges and universities.
We hope that with a Chinese partner growing together with China's vocational education to take off. Helping China excellent college graduates experience the success and achieving the life dream.
I wish our cooperation can be successful!
I wish you all good health!






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