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Intelligence & Statistics

SARDA collates data and statistics from a large variety of sources to give airlines the best understanding of the aviation market, both in Asia and worldwide, to help them understand aviation trends and make necessary adjustments in order to be competitive in the future.
Statistics on airlines include a variety of different subjects, including but not limited to, aircraft movement per airport, passengers carried by various carriers (total passengers, passengers per kilometer flown, seat occupation rate ), aircraft utilizations, passenger revenue, passenger yield etc.
Airport statistics consists of total aircraft movement per airport, total amount of passengers and cargo processed. SARDA also keeps statistics on the punctuality of passenger aircraft departing and arriving at the airport.

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Additional information

  • SARDA, the Society for Aviation Research and Development in Asia (previously known as Aircrew Network and incorporated in Singapore), was founded in 1999 . It started off as a small group of Singapore aviation professionals. The society has evolved and expanded its scope and visibility, increasing its effort in growing conferences, events and developing relationships with other prominent industrial groups to actively research and develop in order to meet the growing challenges of the fast developing general and business aviation sector.

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