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What is a slot?
A slot is defined as the scheduled time of arrival or departure available for allocation by, or as allocated by, a coordinator for an aircraft movement on a specific date at a coordinated airport.
When and how often are Slot Conferences?
Slot Conferences are held Bi-Annually. The northern winter period conferences are held in June while the northern summer period are held in November.
How did the Slot Conference come about?
Airlines have met regularly to discuss their slot allocations planned for the following season in order to improve interline connections and handling arrangements.
Through bilateral discussions, they voluntarily adjusted their slots where it was in their mutual interest to do so. The scope of the slot allocation discussions was broadened to cover the adjustments needed to reduce anticipated delays.
Over the years, a consensus developed as to which services should be moved, in fairness to all those who were planning to operate during the period.

Who can attend Slot Conferences?
Any airline that is licensed to operate air services or that has applied for a license to operate air services, coordinators from slot-coordinated airports provided they have been approved by their government, and facilitators from facilitated airports provided they have been appointed by the relevant authority.
Can non-airline personnel attend Slot Conferences?

Conference policy permits only airlines, coordinators and facilitators to attend conferences.
Can a delegate represent more than one company at the Slot Conference?

A participant can be accredited on behalf of more than one company/ agency. Where coordination is performed by a national carrier, a participant can be accredited as both an airline representative and a coordinator.
Can a company act on behalf of another company at the Slot Conference?
In the context of mergers, subsidiaries, service contracts or alliances: One registration is required for each AOC / coordination agency. A participant can be accredited on behalf of more than one company/ agency.


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